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January 13, 2013
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Chapter 27
The Prison

Sellbot Path:
"RUN!" I yelled. We ran through never-ending hallways. The beeping continued. Some cogs confronted us, "You're going to the dungeon." I quickly grabbed a gag from my pack and threw it. Sis threw a pie at the other cog. We ran as they motioned for back-up to come. We didn't know where we were going, but, it didn't matter. We had to find a place to hide and FAST. We pushed through endless sets of doors; when will the obnoxious beeping END? Then, we ended up in a big room, a dead end! "Cindy, what are we going to do?" Sis asked. I thought, then, remembered I had floating powers. I floated Sis up to some wood on the roof. Then, I followed. We watched as the cogs came in the room and look for us. They walked out by the time we escaped in a pipe. We crawled and peered room to room. We finally found a good-looking room, NOT filled with cog oil. We jumped in and looked around. We were parched from running. We wanted water. Sis opened a fridge and dumped out everything. She kicked the fridge down and sat on it. "Now I can sit." "But, you could sit on the floor.." I said. "Only losers sit on the floor." Sis scoffed and scooted over. I took some fresh fish and sat down on the fridge, too.

Cashbot Path:
Vilot checked the file, "Chocolate Ice Cream". A tall, brown-ish yellow cat. "Trixie, did I read this right?" Vilot said. Trixie stared into the screen, "Maybe they're colour blind?". Vilot nodded her head and said, "It says tall." Trixie shrugged and looked around the room. She used her powers to make a flame-thrower. She put on a helmet and shot the furniture. "Hehehe". Trixie shrank the computer and handed it to Vilot, and she put it in her pocket. "Lets go, Trixie." Vilot said. Trixie shot one more fireball before she left. She saw a painting. It was too blurry to see who it was, but they had long ears. One was tall and the other was short. Trixie didn't know them, she's never seen them before. They seemed like.. bunnies. Why would a portrait of two bunnies be here? She shrugged and followed Vilot to another room.

Lawbot Path:
Lily started laughing, "A FLOWER?" How ridiculous!" Iceheart started mouthing, "Noo". Bebop waved the flower and grew very long arms. Lily stopped laughing. "DON'T LET HIM TOUCH YOU!" Iceheart screamed. She ran and hid. Her freezing powers couldn't stop him! They had to run. She made a thick circle of ice and threw it to Lily. "Use it as a shield!" Then, the doors opened, and a black cat came in. Bebop smiled and went over to his friend to shake his hand. Bebop forgot he was still under the influence of the flower. "Yo man!" Bebop said and shook his hand. The black cat screamed as his arm disintegrated, his eyes crossed, his tongue was drying up. "WHY!?" The cat yelled. Bebop panicked and searched for a remedy to help his friend, but it was no use. He was a goner. Lily laughed as she thought, "I could've healed him to his former glory.." Iceheart watched as Bebop bawled over his dying friend and accidently touched him again. "AHHHHHHAUHUAHUAH!!!" The cat howled in pain. His eyes were red, his chest was on fire, his legs were getting shorter, and his ears were too weak to even stand up anymore. Iceheart started to get crept out by the sight of this. She motioned to Lily to come over to her. Lily ran over and hid behind Iceheart's giant ice block. Bebop ran to where they were hiding and yelled, "I'M NOT DONE WITH YOU!". He tried to touch them, but Iceheart blocked every move he tried to make with ice. They ran into the D.A. office D elevator and shut the door quickly. "Phew!" Iceheart and Lily have escaped.

Bossbot Path:
"HELP!" Cutie and Whoopsie ran faster. Whoopsie burned down the door with her fire powers, instead of just opening it. They saw a little girl crying and grasping a teddy bear. Whoopsie asked the child what was wrong. She wouldn't answer. Cutie sighed and yelled, "What's wrong, CHILD?". The child stood up and they could see her face clearly. The child was angry. She didn't really look like a child anymore.. "Where's Little Sis?" The cat asked. Whoopsie turned to Cutie and saw a frightened face. "W-who are you?" Whoopsie asked as she turned back to face the cat. "You wouldn't know. Where's Cindy?" The cat says. Cutie Cat turned bigger, "Tell me or I will SQUASH you like a bug!" The cat didn't look like she cared. Whoopsie tried to burn the girl with her fire powers, but it the fire would just fall to the floor like there's a forcefield around her. "Run!" Whoopsie yelled. They ran back into the coin pit and dived in. Cutie shrank herself and swam, looking for a way out without reaching the surface again. They moved slowly, so the cat wouldn't locate them easily. Cutie found a door and outstretched her hand. She grabbed some coins and stuffed it into her purse. Cutie whispered, "C'mon Whoopsie." Whoopsie swam over to the door, and they ran in. Some coins piled in the room, and they locked the door quickly. "I'm not going back out there." Whoopsie said. "Let's get out of this room." They searched for a way out, but it seemed like a dead-end. She was walking and slipped on a carpet. The carpet slid to a wall and there was a tunnel. They both got in and looked around. There was a sign. It said "Cog Bar". "Ugh. What do they drink in there? Oil?" Cutie asked. "Lets go find out." Whoopsie said. Cutie pulled out some cog disguises and headed down the Cog Bar path.

Main Path:
"Josie, they put ALL toon prisoner names here. Dead of alive." Katrina responded. "Then, why isn't she on this list?" Josie asks. Katrina shrugged and they walked into the prison. They strolled around and looked at the cells. "This is the only prison they ever use! It took 5 years to build!" Josie said, "They won't just throw it away like a candy wrapper!". Katrina shrugged and looked around. It was nice for a prison. There were beds with blankets and pillows, TVs, carpets, toilets that actually have DOORS when you go.. Fanciest jail ever. These toons totally deserve it, since they were probably just taking a walk and got pulled over by a cog. They left. "What now?" Josie asked. "We're gonna head back to the tent and wait for the others. We're gonna destroy the superior cog." Katrina said.
It's here ^w^
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LittleSisForever Jan 13, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
:Only losers sit on the floor." IS SITTING ON FLOOR RIGHT NOW. Sis WHY U DO MEAN TO MEH ; - ; xD

LOL good story btw
LittleSisForever Jan 13, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I am going to make a TT story called INSANITY. ( It's going to be KINDA connected to Scars From Midnight xD. )
georgie455 Jan 13, 2013  Student General Artist
Yus, I can't wait for the next chapter. :333
VilotShadowHunter Jan 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:O this is getting good! i think the two bunnies in the picture are slippers and roxy maybe they are commanding the cogs?
Thank you ;w;
and yes, it wasn't really hard to guess tho xD
Trixie just didn't recognize her because she wasn't with the group at the time the bunnies were there
VilotShadowHunter Jan 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh yea :o i forgot about that!
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